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moulding a spelling of molding used in Canada and Britain. See molding for more information.
mound a raised pile; heap. [6 definitions]
Mound Builders the early Indian peoples of North America who built extensive burial mounds, mainly in the Mississippi Valley.
mount1 to climb. [10 definitions]
mount2 a mountain or high hill.
mountain a geological formation or land mass with great height and steep sides that is higher than a hill. [2 definitions]
mountain ash any of several usu. ornamental trees of the rose family, bearing clusters of white flowers and red or orange berries.
mountain bike a bicycle made for riding on rugged, uphill terrain.
mountaineer a person who climbs mountains for sport. [3 definitions]
mountain goat see Rocky Mountain goat.
mountain laurel an evergreen shrub of the eastern United States, having thick shiny leaves and bearing pink and white flowers.
mountain lion a large, powerful, tawny wild cat of the Western Hemisphere; cougar.
mountainous having many mountains. [2 definitions]
mountain range a series of mountains having a common origin and geological similarity.
mountain sheep any of various wild sheep that live in the mountains, esp. the bighorn.
mountain sickness nausea, weakness, and difficulty in breathing at high altitudes, caused by lack of oxygen.
mountainside any of the sloping surfaces of a mountain.
Mountain Standard Time the standard time used in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, seven hours behind Greenwich time.
mountaintop the highest part of a mountain; summit. [2 definitions]
mountebank one who, by jokes or tricks, shamelessly deludes an audience of potential buyers of a dubious line of products. [2 definitions]
mounted seated on or riding an animal, esp. a horse. [3 definitions]