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mourning the acts, utterances, or feelings of one that mourns, esp. for the death of a relative or friend. [3 definitions]
mourning cloak a common butterfly of Europe and North America that has brown wings with purple spots and yellow edges.
mourning dove a variety of grayish dove that is identified by its plaintive cooing.
mouse any of numerous small rodents or marsupials that usu. have long, furless tails, small round ears, and pointed faces. [5 definitions]
mouse over in computing, to use a mouse or other computer device to place the cursor over an item on the computer screen and hover over it without clicking or tapping, or simply to move the cursor over the screen without clicking or tapping on any particular item.
mouser an animal, esp. a cat, that catches mice.
mousetrap a small trap used to catch or kill mice. [3 definitions]
mousey variant of mousy.
moussaka a Greek casserole consisting of layers of eggplant and ground meat, esp. lamb, baked with white sauce and cheese.
mousse a light, molded dessert made with whipped cream, flavoring such as fruit or chocolate, and sometimes gelatin. [3 definitions]
mousseline sauce any of various sauces made with whipped cream or beaten egg whites.
moustache variant of mustache.
mousy resembling a mouse in color, appearance, or manner; lacking color or shine.
mouth the opening in the face through which one eats, breathes, speaks, and emits vocal sounds, and which includes the lips, teeth, and tongue. [9 definitions]
-mouthed having (such) a mouth, voice, way of speaking, or the like.
mouthful as much as the mouth is capable of containing. [4 definitions]
mouth off (slang) to speak obnoxiously.
mouth organ a harmonica.
mouthpart (usu. pl.) any of several mouth structures of arthropods that are specially adapted for grasping, biting, piercing, or sucking.
mouthpiece a part or extension of any apparatus, used in connection with the mouth, to transmit air, speech, sound, or the like. [4 definitions]
mouth-to-mouth of, pertaining to, or being a method to blow air directly into the lungs of someone who is not breathing on his or her own.