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moxa in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, a preparation made from a type of wormwood plant that is applied to the skin either as a cauterizing agent or a counterirritant.
moxie (informal) courage, nerve, perseverance, and the like. [2 definitions]
Mozambique a Southeast African coastal country between South Africa and Tanzania.
mozzarella a mild white cheese used for melting in many Italian-style foods.
MP abbreviation of "Military Police," military personnel who perform police duties, esp. in respect to other military personnel.
M.P. abbreviation of "Member of Parliament," one who has been elected to the parliament of a nation.
MP3 abbreviation of "Moving Pictures Expert Group, Audio Layer 3," an audio file format that compresses sound data, esp. music, for easy transfer over the internet, while providing high-quality playback sound. [3 definitions]
mpg abbreviation of "miles per gallon."
mph abbreviation of "miles per hour."
Mr. abbreviation of "Mister," a conventional title of courtesy, usu. abbreviated and placed before a man's last name or title of office. [2 definitions]
MRI abbreviation of "magnetic resonance imaging," a non-invasive medical imaging technology using radio waves and powerful magnetic fields to make the interior of the human body visible in three dimensions and in real time.
Mrs. abbreviation of "Mistress," used as a conventional title of courtesy for a married woman and usually placed before the name she has taken in marriage.
Mrs. Grundy in Tom Morton's eighteenth-century play Speed the Plough, a character who never appears, but who is known as a stern, moralistic upholder of propriety. [2 definitions]
Mrs. Malaprop in the eighteenth-century play The Rivals by Richard Sheridan, a character who makes hilarious blunders in her use of language. (Cf. malapropism.)
MS1 abbreviation of "Mississippi," a U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico between Alabama and Louisiana.
MS2 abbreviation of "multiple sclerosis," a degenerative disease of the nervous system in which nerve cells of the brain or spinal cord lose their myelin sheaths, resulting in hardening of the neural tissue, speech difficulties, and loss of muscular coordination.
MS3 abbreviation of "manuscript," a text as prepared by the author to submit for publication.
Ms. a conventional title of courtesy often used before the surname of a single or married woman.
M.S. abbreviation of "Master of Science," a master's degree awarded usu. in science, technology, or mathematics.
MSDS an abbreviation for "Material Safety Data Sheet." An MSDS tells the proper, safe way to handle a particular substance.
MSG abbreviation of "monosodium glutamate," a white crystalline powder that intensifies the flavor of foods, esp. meat, often used in Chinese cuisine.