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multicurrency combined form of currency.
multidecadal referring to or occurring on a time scale of multiple decades.
multidialectal combined form of dialectal.
multidimensional of, pertaining to, or including several dimensions.
multidirectional going or reaching out, or capable of doing so, in more than one direction.
multidisciplinary of, pertaining to, or involving several branches of scholarship or expertise.
multidiscipline combined form of discipline.
multidivisional combined form of divisional.
multidomain combined form of domain.
multidrug combined form of drug.
multielectrode combined form of electrode.
multielement combined form of element.
multiemployer combined form of employer.
multiengine combined form of engine.
multiethnic of, related to, or composed of several distinct ethnic groups.
multifaceted having several facets or faces, as a cut stone. [2 definitions]
multifamily of, pertaining to, or designed for use by more than one household.
multifarious of or having a great variety of parts, forms, or kinds; many and varied.
multifilament combined form of filament.
multiflash combined form of flash.
multiflora rose a variety of rose shrub bearing thick clusters of small flowers and used for hedges.