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multi-institutional combined form of institutional.
multilane having more than one lane of traffic going in each direction, as a highway.
multilateral many-sided. [2 definitions]
multilayered having or involving several layers or levels.
multilevel having several levels.
multileveled combined form of leveled.
multilingual of, including, or presented in several languages. [2 definitions]
multilobed combined form of lobed.
multimanned combined form of manned.
multimedia (used with a sing. verb) the combined use of several performance media at the same time. [3 definitions]
multimegaton combined form of megaton.
multimember combined form of member.
multimetallic combined form of metallic.
multimillion combined form of million.
multimillionaire one whose net assets have a cash value of several million dollars.
multimolecular combined form of molecular.
multination combined form of nation.
multinational a corporation or company with offices or operations in several countries. [3 definitions]
multinuclear combined form of nuclear.
multinucleate combined form of nucleate.
multinucleated combined form of nucleated.