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munition (usu. pl.) provisions for military undertakings, such as weapons, equipment, and ammunition. [2 definitions]
muon an unstable subatomic particle with a positive or negative charge, having 207 times the mass of an electron.
mural a picture, usu. large in scale, painted on or made a part of a wall or ceiling. [3 definitions]
murder the deliberate and illegal killing of a person. [5 definitions]
murderer a person who kills another person intentionally and with selfish motives.
murderous guilty or capable of murder; likely or intending to commit murder. [3 definitions]
murex any of various spiny-shelled marine snails of tropical waters, formerly an important source of royal purple dye.
muricate in biology, having a surface that is rough with short, sharp points.
murk darkness or obscurity. [2 definitions]
murky dark or gloomy. [3 definitions]
murmur a soft, indistinct, continuous sound, such as that made by low voices in conversation. [6 definitions]
Murphy bed a bed that can be folded up into a closet or other recessed area when not in use.
Murphy's Law a facetious proposition that if it is possible for something to go wrong, it will go wrong.
murrain any of various infectious diseases of cattle, such anthrax.
Murray River a river in southeastern Australia.
murre either of two black and white, web-footed diving birds of northern oceans.
Muscadet (sometimes l.c.) a light, dry French wine, or the grape from which this wine is made.
muscadine a purple grape of the southern United States.
Muscat the seaport capital of Oman.
muscat a sweet, white variety of grape used for wine and raisins.
muscatel a sweet amber wine made from muscat grapes. [2 definitions]