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music sound that has rhythm, melody, or harmony, usu. produced by voice or instrument. [5 definitions]
musical of, relating to, or producing music. [4 definitions]
musical chairs a children's game in which circling players try to sit in empty chairs when the music stops, with one player being eliminated each time until only one chair and two players remain for the final.
musicale a musical entertainment offered at a social gathering, or a social occasion that features a musical program.
music box a box containing a mechanical device that plays music when the lid is lifted.
music hall an auditorium in which musical performances are presented. [2 definitions]
musician a person skilled at playing, singing, or composing music. [2 definitions]
musicianship proficiency, knowledge, or artistic sensitivity in playing, singing, or conducting music.
music of the spheres music that early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, thought was produced by the movements of the heavenly bodies, but which was inaudible on earth.
musicology the scholarly study of music theory and history.
music room in a school, a classroom where music is taught and where instruments may be kept.
music stand a vertically adjustable rack for holding sheets of music for a performer or conductor.
musing absorbed in thought or meditation. [2 definitions]
musique concrète (French) tape-recorded sounds that are arranged in various combinations, sequences, and rhythmic patterns to create an artistic work.
musk a strong-smelling secretion produced in a glandular sac underneath the skin of the male musk deer's abdomen. [3 definitions]
musk deer a small, hornless Asian deer, the male of which secretes musk.
muskeg a swamp or bog in which there are many layers of decaying matter, often covered with sphagnum moss.
muskellunge a very large North American freshwater game fish of the pike family.
musket a heavy, large-calibre gun with a long barrel, carried on the shoulder and loaded through the muzzle, used from the sixteenth century until the eighteenth.
musketeer formerly, a soldier armed with a musket.
musketry the technique of firing small arms and concentrating such fire on specified military targets. [2 definitions]