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mycology the branch of botany devoted to the study of fungi. [2 definitions]
mycosis any disease in humans or animals that is caused by a fungus.
mydriasis excessive or prolonged dilation of the eye's pupil, as from illness or the use of a drug. (Cf. miosis.)
myelin soft, white, fatty matter that sheathes certain nerve fibers.
myelitis inflammation of the spinal cord. [2 definitions]
myelo- spinal cord; marrow.
myelogenous of, relating to, or produced by the bone marrow.
myelogram an x-ray photograph of the spinal cord that is taken after a radiopaque substance has been administered.
myeloma a malignant tumor affecting bone marrow.
Mylar trademark for an extremely strong, thin polyester produced in sheets and used to make tapes, films, and the like.
myna any of several blackish, yellow-billed Asian birds related to starlings, of which certain species are known for their mimicry of human speech sounds.
myo- muscle.
myocardiograph an instrument that records the actions of the heart muscle.
myocardium the muscular tissue of the heart.
myopia a visual defect in which distant images are focused in front of rather than on the retina; nearsightedness. (Cf. hyperopia.) [2 definitions]
myopic concerning or having myopia; nearsighted. [2 definitions]
myosin any of a family of proteins that hydrolyzes ATP to produce motion, as in muscle contraction.
myriad a large but indefinite number. [3 definitions]
myriapod any of various arthropods that have a long segmented body with numerous pairs of legs, such as the centipedes and millipedes. [2 definitions]
myrrh a sweet-smelling gum exuded by several related trees and shrubs native to India, Arabia, and East Africa, and used in perfume and incense.
myrtle any of several shrubs, esp. one found in the Mediterranean region and western Asia, that have evergreen leaves and bear pink or white flowers and aromatic, dark blue berries. [2 definitions]