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nanowire a wire whose width is on the order of nanometers.
Nansen bottle an oceanographic device that takes a sample of water at a specified depth.
naos an ancient temple, or the inner part of such a temple, housing the statue of a deity.
nap1 to sleep briefly, esp. during daylight hours. [3 definitions]
nap2 a soft or furry surface on cloth or leather caused by raised, fuzzy fibers. [2 definitions]
napalm a highly flammable jelly containing aluminum soaps and gasoline, used in flame throwers and fire bombs. [2 definitions]
nape the back of the neck.
napery linens for use in the home, esp. table linens.
naphtha a colorless, flammable liquid distilled from coal or petroleum and used mainly as a solvent and cleaning agent.
naphthalene a white, crystalline hydrocarbon compound obtained from coal tar or petroleum and used in making moth repellents, dyes, solvents, and other products.
naphthol either of two isomeric derivatives of naphthalene, used in the manufacture of antiseptics, dyes, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals.
napiform of a root, shaped like a turnip.
napkin a square of cloth or paper used to protect the clothing and to wipe the mouth and hands while eating. [4 definitions]
napoleon a layered puff pastry with a custard filling. [3 definitions]
Napoleon I a Corsican-born French general who was emperor of France from 1804 to 1815; Napoleon Bonaparte (b.1769--d.1821).
Napoleonic of, concerning, or resembling Napoleon I or his period, deeds, or the like.
nappy1 a small shallow serving dish.
nappy2 covered with nap; downy; fuzzy.
nappy3 (chiefly British) a baby's undergarment of absorbent cloth or paper folded between the legs and fastened at the waist; diaper.
naproxin a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), sold under the brand name Aleve, that relieves fever, pain, swelling and stiffness.
Nara a city in southern Honshu, Japan.