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National Basketball Association a major US sports league that organizes and regulates the highest level of men's professional basketball competition. (abbr.:NBA)
national debt the total financial indebtedness of the central government of a nation.
National Guard a U.S. military reserve force recruited and maintained by each state, but subject to the call of either the state or federal government.
National Health Service the British health service, largely financed by taxation, that provides free or inexpensive medical treatment. (abbr.:NHS)
nationalism concern for or devotion to one's own nation, esp. desire for national progress, defense, or independence. [2 definitions]
nationalist an advocate of nationalism. [3 definitions]
nationality the condition of belonging to a particular nation by virtue of birth or naturalization. [4 definitions]
nationalize to bring under government ownership or control. [3 definitions]
National Liberation Front a revolutionary, often violent, political group, esp. such a group formerly active in South Vietnam.
National Mall a large grassy open area in Washington D.C., surrounded by museums and monuments, designed for use by the public.
national monument a natural landmark or historic site maintained and preserved by a national government for public enjoyment or use.
national park a large area of scenic beauty, or historic or scientific interest, maintained and preserved by a national government for public use and enjoyment.
National Park Service an agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior that manages National Parks, National Monuments, and other such property. [2 definitions]
national seashore a seacoast area maintained and protected by a national government.
national sovereignty the right or power of a nation-state to govern itself, with independence from outside control.
National Weather Service an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that compiles data on weather conditions and issues weather warnings.
Nation of Islam an organization, mainly of U.S. blacks, that espouses the religious and ethical doctrines of Islam. (See Black Muslim.)
nation-state the modern autonomous nation, considered as a unit of political organization.
nationwide throughout or over the entire nation.
native being the place of birth or origin. [8 definitions]
Native American an American Indian. [2 definitions]