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necro- dead tissue. [2 definitions]
necrology a list of those who have died within some recent time. [2 definitions]
necromancy the art or practice of communicating with the dead, or attempting to do so, in order to divine the future. [2 definitions]
necropolis a burial place, esp. a large cemetery of an ancient city.
necrosis the death of one part or area of tissue, esp. of bone or an organ, in a living organism.
necrotize to cause death of a body part or tissue. [2 definitions]
nectar the sweet plant secretion that attracts insects and birds, enabling pollination, and that bees use to make honey. [2 definitions]
nectarine a variety of peach with a smooth skin.
nectary a plant organ, usu. in a flower, that secretes nectar.
née born (used before the maiden name of a married woman).
need a requirement, necessity, or obligation. [10 definitions]
needful being required; necessary.
needle a thin instrument shaped like a sliver, usu. of stainless steel with a hole at one end for thread and a sharp point at the other, used esp. for sewing or suturing. [7 definitions]
needlepoint decorative embroidery on canvas, usu. of evenly spaced stitches of wool yarn. [2 definitions]
needless of no use; not wanted; unrequired.
needle valve a valve having a slender point that fits precisely into a conical seat, for accurately regulating the flow of fluid, as in a carburetor.
needlewoman a woman skilled in needlework; seamstress.
needlework work done with a needle, esp. fine or decorative sewing or embroidery. [2 definitions]
needn't contracted form of "need not."
needs of necessity; necessarily (usu. fol. or prec. by "must").
needy in need, usu. of physical necessities, but sometimes of affection or other forms of emotional sustenance.