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ne'er-do-well one who is lazy or irresponsible; good-for-nothing. [2 definitions]
nefarious very wicked; evil.
negate to render ineffective or invalid; nullify. [2 definitions]
negation the act, process, or result of negating; denial or nullification. [2 definitions]
negative expressing or consisting of a negation or denial. [14 definitions]
negative income tax a proposed governmental subsidy system in which people having an income below a specified level would receive money directly from the government.
negativism a chronic tendency toward skepticism or doubt.
neglect to pay too little or no attention to. [5 definitions]
neglectful tending to neglect; careless or negligent (often fol. by "of").
negligee a woman's dressing gown or robe, usu. long, full, and of a delicate, often translucent, fabric. [2 definitions]
negligence disregard of, omission of, or failure to do something necessary; carelessness or neglect, esp. when it is habitual. [2 definitions]
negligent guilty of neglecting, or tending to neglect. [2 definitions]
negligible so small or unimportant as to be of no account; trifling or insignificant.
negotiable subject to negotiation, as terms in an agreement or contract. [2 definitions]
negotiate to bargain or come to terms with another party or parties. [5 definitions]
negotiation (often pl.) mutual discussions intended to produce an agreement. [2 definitions]
Negrito any of various short, dark-skinned peoples of the Philippines, Malaysia, or Africa.
Negritude (sometimes l.c.) an awareness by blacks of their historical and cultural heritage, and an ideological affirmation of its value.
Negro (old-fashioned; now often considered offensive) a black person. [2 definitions]
Negroid (outdated; considered offensive; no longer in scientific use) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a member of a human racial group originating in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly characterized by having dark skin. [2 definitions]
negus a beverage made of wine, hot water, lemon juice, nutmeg, and sugar.