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new penny the official name of the smaller monetary unit of the United Kingdom and Ireland. (See penny.)
news (used with a sing. verb) a report of recent events considered noteworthy, as transmitted through the media. [3 definitions]
news agency a business organization that gathers and sells news to subscribers such as newspapers and radio and television stations; news service.
newsagent (chiefly British) a store, or the owner of a store, that sells newspapers, magazines, and sweets; newsstand.
newsboy a boy who sells or delivers newspapers.
newscast a news broadcast on television or radio.
newsdealer someone, esp. a retailer, who sells newspapers, magazines, or the like.
news feed a data format that allows users to frequently update content on a web page. [2 definitions]
newsgroup a discussion group on a computer network such as the Internet where people post and read messages on specific topics.
newsless combined form of news.
newsletter an informational letter or small newspaper directed to a special audience, as of employees, members of an organization, or subscribers.
newsmagazine a magazine, often issued weekly, that reports and analyzes current events.
newsman a man employed in the gathering, reporting, or editing of news.
newspaper a publication, usu. daily or weekly, containing news, editorials and advertising. [3 definitions]
newspaperman a man who owns, operates, or works for a newspaper.
newspaperwoman a woman who owns, operates, or works for a newspaper.
newspeak language that is ambiguous or delusive, esp. when used as propaganda.
newsperson someone involved with gathering or communicating the news, such as a reporter, writer, editor, or broadcaster.
newsprint a low-grade paper made from wood pulp and used mainly in newspapers.
newsreel formerly, a short film showing recent news events, shown in movie theaters.
news release a specially prepared written item given to news media by a government or organization; handout or press release.