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ninefold having nine parts or elements. [3 definitions]
ninepins (used with a sing. verb) a bowling game similar to tenpins that is played with nine pins. [2 definitions]
nineteen the number represented by the Arabic numeral 19 and by the Roman numeral XIX. [3 definitions]
nineteenth indicating rank or position between eighteenth and twentieth. [3 definitions]
ninetieth indicating rank or position between eighty-ninth and ninety-first. [3 definitions]
ninety the number represented by the Arabic numeral 90 and by the Roman numeral XC. [5 definitions]
Nineveh the capital of ancient Assyria.
ninja a specially trained feudal Japanese warrior used as a spy, assassin, or saboteur.
ninny a silly or foolish person.
Nintendo a multinational, consumer electronics and video games company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.
ninth indicating rank or position between eighth and tenth. [4 definitions]
niobium a chemical element that has forty-one protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a dense, soft, shiny bluish white solid metal, used esp. in alloys of steel to add strength; columbium. (symbol: Nb)
nip1 to press sharply between two points or surfaces, as by biting or pinching. [8 definitions]
nip2 a small sip or drink of liquor. [2 definitions]
nip and tuck very close; almost even, as in a race.
nip in the bud to prevent from developing, growing, or being realized.
nipper something or someone that nips. [2 definitions]
nipple the projection at the center of a mammal's breast that, in the female, contains the outlets from the milk glands; teat. [3 definitions]
Nippon see Japan.
nippy sharply cold; frosty. [2 definitions]
nirvana (often cap.) in Buddhism or Hinduism, a state of blissful peace and harmony beyond the sufferings and passions of individual existence; state of oneness with eternal spirit. [2 definitions]