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node a knoblike or knotlike swelling or mass of tissue. [2 definitions]
no doubt certainly. [2 definitions]
nodular relating to, characterized by, or occurring in the form of a small lump or swelling.
nodule a small lump, swelling, or node. [2 definitions]
NoŽl Christmas or the Christmas season. [2 definitions]
noetic of or pertaining to the intellect; understood only by the mind or through the reasoning process.
no-fault of or pertaining to a system of automobile insurance in which a company pays all or part of its policyholder's losses regardless of who was at fault for a particular accident. [2 definitions]
nog1 a wooden pin or block inserted into brickwork or masonry to provide a hold for nails that support the woodwork or wooden members.
nog2 a drink made with beaten eggs and often liquor; eggnog. [2 definitions]
noggin a small mug or cup. [4 definitions]
no-good (informal) worthless; contemptible.
no-hitter a baseball game in which a pitcher does not let the opposing team score any hits.
noise sound or a sound. [6 definitions]
noiseless making no noise; quiet.
noisemaker someone or something that makes noise, esp. a rattle, horn, or other device used at a party or celebration.
noiseproof resistant to outside noise; soundproof.
noisome offensive or disgusting, esp. in smell; foul. [2 definitions]
noisy making a lot of noise. [2 definitions]
nolens volens (Latin) whether unwillingly or willingly; willy-nilly.
nolle prosequi in law, a formal declaration by a prosecutor in a criminal case or a plaintiff in a civil one that one or more charges or defendants will be dropped from a suit.
nolo contendere in law, a plea entered in a criminal case that the charges will not be contested, thus allowing the defendant's conviction without any admission of guilt.