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nonwriter combined form of writer.
nonyellowing combined form of yellowing.
nonzero indicating a quantity or value other than zero.
noodle1 a piece of dough, usu. narrow and flat, made from flour and eggs and dried to be used in soups, casseroles, and the like.
noodle2 to play improvised music somewhat whimsically, in low tones and usu. as background to another player.
nook a corner or small recessed area, esp. in a room.
noon twelve o'clock in the daytime; midday.
noonday of or at midday. [2 definitions]
no one no person; nobody.
noontime midday; noonday.
noose a loop that passes through a knot in the end of a line such as a rope or wire, so that it constricts more tightly as the line is pulled. [3 definitions]
nopal any of various cactuses that bear red or yellow flowers, esp. a tropical prickly pear that bears purple fruit.
no-par not having a face value, as some corporate stocks.
nope (informal) no.
nor used to introduce a subsequent negative statement, esp. after a phrase using "neither". [2 definitions]
noradrenaline a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands and released by the sympathetic nerve endings that triggers the "fight-or-flight response" and is used medically to constrict blood vessels; norepinephrine.
Nordic of, pertaining to, belonging to, or characteristic of a Caucasian people found esp. in the Scandinavian countries, who are tall, long-headed, blond, and blue-eyed. [2 definitions]
nor'easter a strong wind or storm coming from the northeast.
norepinephrine a hormone, secreted by the adrenal glands and released at the sympathetic nerve endings, that triggers the "fight-or-flight response" and is used medically to constrict blood vessels; noradrenaline.
Norfolk jacket a loosely belted, single-breasted man's jacket with pockets on either side of the lower front and two box pleats in front and back from the yoke to the hem.
noria a wheel fitted with buckets around the rim, used to lift water, as from a river to an irrigation ditch, esp. in Spain and the Orient.