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Northern Spy a large yellowish red American apple that ripens in late autumn or early winter.
North Korea a country on the eastern coast of Asia, south of Russia; Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
northland (sometimes cap.) any land or region to the north, as of a country or the world. [2 definitions]
North Macedonia a Balkan republic bordering Albania and Greece, formerly known as the Republic of Macedonia or Macedonia. The nation of North Macedonia is officially the Republic of North Macedonia.
Northman a member of one of the ancient Scandinavian peoples, esp. those who explored and colonized Great Britain, Ireland, parts of Europe, and probably the New World; Norseman.
north-northeast a point on the compass halfway between north and northeast. [2 definitions]
north-northwest a point on the compass halfway between north and northwest. [2 definitions]
North Pole the point on the earth's surface that is intersected by the northern end of the earth's rotational axis. [4 definitions]
North Sea an extension of the Atlantic Ocean between the United Kingdom and the Low Countries and Denmark.
North Star Polaris.
North Vietnam a former Southeast Asian country that occupied the northern part of Vietnam and in 1975 absorbed South Vietnam to become the reunified Vietnam.
northward toward the north. [3 definitions]
northwardly toward the north. [2 definitions]
northwest a point on the compass halfway between north and west. [4 definitions]
northwester a strong wind or storm from the northwest.
northwesterly of, in, or toward the northwest. [3 definitions]
northwestern located in, coming from, or characteristic of the northwest.
northwesterner a person born or living in a northwestern region.
Northwest Territories a northern Canadian territory east of the Yukon.
northwestward toward the northwest. [3 definitions]
northwestwardly toward the northwest. [2 definitions]