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northwardly toward the north. [2 definitions]
northwest a point on the compass halfway between north and west. [4 definitions]
northwester a strong wind or storm from the northwest.
northwesterly of, in, or toward the northwest. [3 definitions]
northwestern located in, coming from, or characteristic of the northwest.
northwesterner a person born or living in a northwestern region.
Northwest Territories a northern Canadian territory east of the Yukon.
northwestward toward the northwest. [3 definitions]
northwestwardly toward the northwest. [2 definitions]
North Yemen formerly, a country at the southwestern tip of Arabia on the Red Sea, now part of Yemen, as a result of uniting with South Yemen in 1990.
Norway a Scandinavian country on the Atlantic.
Norway maple a European maple tree, grown widely in North America as a shade tree.
Norway pine the red pine.
Norway spruce an ornamental evergreen tree having long dark needles.
Norwegian of or pertaining to Norway or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Norwegian elkhound any of a breed of dogs having a compact body and a thick gray coat, originally bred in Norway for hunting elk and other large game.
Norwich terrier any of a breed of short-legged terriers with a wiry coat and erect ears.
nos. abbreviation of "numbers," a plural form of "number."
nose the structure at the front of the face in people and certain animals that contains nostrils, organs of smell, and a passageway for breathing. [9 definitions]
nose bag see feed bag.
noseband the part of a bridle or halter that fits over an animal's nose.