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Norway pine the red pine.
Norway spruce an ornamental evergreen tree having long dark needles.
Norwegian of or pertaining to Norway or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Norwegian elkhound any of a breed of dogs having a compact body and a thick gray coat, originally bred in Norway for hunting elk and other large game.
Norwich terrier any of a breed of short-legged terriers with a wiry coat and erect ears.
nos. abbreviation of "numbers," a plural form of "number."
nose the structure at the front of the face in people and certain animals that contains nostrils, organs of smell, and a passageway for breathing. [9 definitions]
nose bag see feed bag.
noseband the part of a bridle or halter that fits over an animal's nose.
nosebleed bleeding from the nose.
nose cone the cone-shaped, usu. detachable foremost section of a rocket or guided missile.
nose dive a sudden, steep, downward plunge of an aircraft, with the forward section pointing down. [2 definitions]
nose drops liquid medication inserted in or through the nose, as with a dropper, to relieve congestion.
no-see-um (informal) a tiny, biting insect; midge.
nosegay a small bunch or bouquet of flowers.
nose job (informal) a surgical procedure for changing the appearance of the nose.
nosepiece a protective shield for the nose, as on a helmet. [3 definitions]
nose ring a ring inserted through the nose of an animal so that it may be led. [2 definitions]
nosey variant of nosy.
nosh (informal) a snack, esp. a forbidden tidbit eaten secretly. [2 definitions]
no-show (informal) one who does not arrive or appear when expected. [2 definitions]