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nosepiece a protective shield for the nose, as on a helmet. [3 definitions]
nose ring a ring inserted through the nose of an animal so that it may be led. [2 definitions]
nosey variant of nosy.
nosh (informal) a snack, esp. a forbidden tidbit eaten secretly. [2 definitions]
no-show (informal) one who does not arrive or appear when expected. [2 definitions]
no soap (informal) not possible or acceptable.
nostalgia sentimental remembrance of or longing for people, places, possessions, or experiences of the past.
nostoc any of several blue-green freshwater algae that form rounded gelatinous clusters.
nostril one of the two outside openings in the nose.
nostrum a medicine with undisclosed ingredients, advertised without proof as an effective cure; quack remedy. [2 definitions]
nosy excessively interested in or forward in inquiring into the affairs of others; prying.
Nosy Parker one who is nosy; busybody.
not used to indicate negation, disagreement, refusal, or prohibition.
nota bene (Latin) note well; take note (used to draw attention to something of particular importance).
notable receiving or deserving notice; exceptional; striking. [3 definitions]
notarial of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a notary public. [2 definitions]
notarize to sign as a notary public, showing that a contract, affidavit, or other document is authentic. [2 definitions]
notary one who has the legal authority to authenticate contracts, affidavits, and other documents by witnessing signatures and signing in turn; notary public.
notary public an official with legal authority to witness and certify documents and contracts, take affidavits and depositions, and the like.
notate to make notes on or transcribe into a particular type of notation.
notation a system of symbols used in a particular field. [4 definitions]