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notation a system of symbols used in a particular field. [4 definitions]
not by a long shot by no means; definitely not.
notch a V-shaped cut or indentation in an edge or object. [7 definitions]
note a brief written record or reminder. [11 definitions]
notebook a book of blank pages.
notebook computer a thin, light computer .
noted distinguished; eminent; famous.
noteless combined form of note.
notepad a pad of writing paper.
notepaper paper for writing letters or informal reminders.
noteworthy deserving notice; remarkable; notable.
not give (or care) a hoot (informal) to be entirely indifferent; not be at all concerned.
no thanks to without the help of (a source from which help might have been expected).
nothing not anything; no thing. [7 definitions]
nothing doing indeed not. [2 definitions]
nothingness absence of being; nonexistence. [3 definitions]
not hold a candle to to not be nearly as good or worthy as.
notice warning, news, or indication of something, esp. in written or printed form. [7 definitions]
noticeable easily noticed; evident; apparent. [2 definitions]
noticeboard (chiefly British) a board on which items such as notices or advertisements are displayed; bulletin board.
notification the act or an instance of giving notice; notifying. [3 definitions]