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nudism the belief in or the practice of not wearing clothes, esp. with others of both sexes in designated settings.
nudity the condition or fact of being unclothed; nakedness.
nuée ardente a thick volcanic cloud that explodes and pours down the sides of a volcano.
nugatory having little or no real importance or value; trifling. [2 definitions]
nugget a small, solid lump, esp. of a precious metal such as gold. [2 definitions]
nuisance someone or something that is annoying or troublesome.
nuisance tax a tax that is considered to be a nuisance because it is levied on small, separate purchases and paid by the consumer.
Nukualofa the capital of Tonga.
null not having any legal force; invalid. [4 definitions]
nullification the act of nullifying, or the state of being nullified.
nullify to cause or declare to have no legal force or effect; make null; invalidate. [2 definitions]
nullity the condition or quality of being or amounting to nothing; nothingness; invalidity. [2 definitions]
numb not able to feel physical sensation or move normally, esp. because of cold. [3 definitions]
numbat any of several small Australian marsupials that have no pouch.
number a mathematical unit that has a fixed value and a fixed position in a series, used in counting. [18 definitions]
numberable combined form of number.
number-cruncher (informal) a person, machine, program or the like that performs a great many complicated numerical calculations.
numberless having no number. [2 definitions]
number line a line that displays real numbers according to their distance in a positive or negative direction from a point defined as zero.
number name a name assigned to a quantity, such as one.
number one (informal) oneself or one's own interests. [2 definitions]