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nullification the act of nullifying, or the state of being nullified.
nullify to cause or declare to have no legal force or effect; make null; invalidate. [2 definitions]
nullity the condition or quality of being or amounting to nothing; nothingness; invalidity. [2 definitions]
numb not able to feel physical sensation or move normally, esp. because of cold. [3 definitions]
numbat any of several small Australian marsupials that have no pouch.
number a mathematical unit that has a fixed value and a fixed position in a series, used in counting. [18 definitions]
numberable combined form of number.
number-cruncher (informal) a person, machine, program or the like that performs a great many complicated numerical calculations.
numberless having no number. [2 definitions]
number line a line that displays real numbers according to their distance in a positive or negative direction from a point defined as zero.
number name a name assigned to a quantity, such as one.
number one (informal) oneself or one's own interests. [2 definitions]
number plate (chiefly British) a metal tag or plate displayed on a motor vehicle and bearing a registration number that qualifies the vehicle as legal to drive on public highways and roads; license plate.
Numbers the fourth of the Five Books of Moses in the Old Testament, containing the census of the Hebrews after the Exodus from Egypt.
number sentence in mathematics education, a simple equation or inequality containing numbers and operators.
numbskull variant of numskull.
numerable able to be numbered; countable.
numeral one or more symbols or marks used to express or represent a number. [3 definitions]
numerate to number or count; enumerate.
numeration the act, process, or result of numbering or counting; enumeration; count. [2 definitions]
numerator the number in a fraction that appears above the line, over the denominator. [3 definitions]