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nyala an East African antelope with spiral horns and with white stripes on the sides of its grayish coat.
nyctalopia abnormally poor eyesight in dim light or darkness; night blindness.
nyctitropism the tendency of certain plants' leaves or petals to take a different position at night.
nyctophobia an abnormal fear of darkness or night.
nylghai variant of nilgai.
nylon a strong, light, synthetic fiber used to make yarn, cloth, bristles, and the like. [3 definitions]
nymph in Greek and Roman mythology, any of numerous minor goddesses inhabiting and representing rivers, mountains, trees, and the like. [3 definitions]
nymphet a pubescent girl, often sexually precocious, who is considered sexually attractive.
nymphomania abnormal or insatiable sexual desire in women.
NYSE abbreviation of "New York Stock Exchange."
nystagmus an involuntary twitching or vibrating movement of the eyeball, usu. from side to side.
nystatin a yellowish antibiotic powder used to cure certain fungal infections, esp. of the skin and mucous membranes.
O1 in poetry, prayer, or solemn address, used before the name of the person or thing being spoken to. [2 definitions]
O2 symbol of the chemical element oxygen.
o the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet. [4 definitions]
o- away; against.
oaf a stupid, rudely unpleasant, or bumbling person; blockhead.
oak a tree that belongs to the beech family and bears acorns. [2 definitions]
oak apple a harmless, applelike gall produced on oak trees by the larvae of a type of wasp.
oak-leaf cluster a small bronze or silver cluster of oak leaves and acorns worn on the ribbon of a medal to signify multiple awardings of the same medal.
oaktag sturdy cardboard used for posters, folders, and the like; tagboard.