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ocelot a spotted wild cat of Central and South America, similar to but smaller than a leopard.
ocher any of several iron oxides mixed with clay or sand, ranging in color from pale yellow to reddish brown, and used as pigments. [2 definitions]
ochlocracy government by a lawless crowd of people; mobocracy.
-ock small.
o'clock of or according to the clock. [2 definitions]
ocotillo a spiny shrub that resembles a cactus, found in the dry regions of Mexico and the southwestern United States.
OCS1 abbreviation of "Officer Candidate School."
OCS2 abbreviation of "Old Church Slavonic."
Oct. abbreviation of "October," the tenth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
oct- a variant of octo-.
octa- a variant of octo-.
octagon a two-dimensional figure with eight sides and eight angles; octangle.
octahedron a three-dimensional figure with eight flat surfaces.
octane any of a group of oily, colorless isomeric hydrocarbons, some of which are obtained during the distillation of petroleum. [2 definitions]
octane number a number that designates the antiknock properties of a gasoline, based on the percentage of isooctane in it; octane rating.
octane rating see "octane number."
octant an eighth of a circle, or the arc or area it includes. [4 definitions]
octave a musical tone eight full tones above or below another tone, with twice or half as many vibrations per second as the other tone. [5 definitions]
octavo a page or book size resulting from folding a printer's sheet of paper into eight leaves, each about six inches by nine inches.
octet a group of eight singers or musicians. [3 definitions]
octillion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1027. [2 definitions]