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officer of the day a military officer assigned, on a given day, to maintain the security and order of a military post or installation.
official a person who performs a specific function or holds an office in a business organization or a government. [4 definitions]
officialdom officials or authorities collectively. [2 definitions]
officialese the language or jargon, usu. wordy, difficult to understand, and unnecessarily complicated, that is often characteristic of official pronouncements and documents.
officialism excessive strictness in following official regulations and procedures.
officially properly, according to an authority; formally.
officiant a person who presides at a religious ceremony; celebrant.
officiate to perform the duties of an official, esp. in presiding over an event or ceremony. [3 definitions]
officious overly eager or aggressive in offering unrequested or unwanted service to others.
offing the farthest reaches of the sea visible from shore.
offish (informal) tending to aloofness; reserved.
off-key not on the right musical note or pitch; flat or sharp. [2 definitions]
off-licence (chiefly British) a shop that sells alcoholic beverages; liquor store.
off-limits not to be entered or patronized by a designated group, such as military personnel.
off-line not connected to or controlled by a central computer.
off-load to unload (a ship or airplane, or passengers or goods therefrom).
off plumb not truly vertical.
off-price designating the retail stores or outlets that sell name brands and other high-quality merchandise at a discount. [2 definitions]
offprint a reprint of an article or part of an article. [2 definitions]
off-putting (informal) tending to annoy or repel.
off-road of a type of vehicle used primarily for areas other than streets and highways, such as a dune buggy.