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off the record not intended for publication. [2 definitions]
off-the-shelf designating merchandise that is in stock and ready for use. [2 definitions]
off the track not relevant to the pertinent point or issue; astray.
off the wagon (informal) no longer refraining from drinking alcohol.
offtrack of or denoting a system of legalized betting, esp. on horse racing, at locations other than race tracks.
off-white white mixed with a small amount of yellow, light brown, or gray.
off year a year in which production or activity is less or worse than usual. [2 definitions]
off-year election in the U.S., an election that occurs in a year other than those years during which a President is elected. [2 definitions]
of good cheer happy or encouraged; in high spirits.
of sorts of a mediocre variety. [2 definitions]
oft often (used primarily in poetry or older literature, or in combination).
often on many occasions; frequently.
oftentimes on numerous occasions; often.
ogee an elongated S-shaped curve, or a molding in such a curve.
ogive the diagonal rib of a Gothic vault. [3 definitions]
Oglala the Teton tribe of Dakota Indians living in South Dakota, west of the Missouri River. [2 definitions]
ogle to look or stare at (someone) in a lustful or flirtatious manner. [2 definitions]
ogre an ugly giant or monstrous person that eats people, esp. one in folk tales and children's stories. [2 definitions]
OH abbreviation of "Ohio," a Midwestern U.S. state between Pennsylvania and Indiana.
oh used to express surprise, pain, disbelief, or the like. [2 definitions]
Ohio a Midwestern U.S. state between Pennsylvania and Indiana. (abbr.: OH) [2 definitions]