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oilcloth a heavy smooth cloth that has been treated with oil and other materials to make it waterproof, and that is often used to line cupboards or as a tablecloth.
oil color a paint made of pigment ground in oil, usu. linseed; oil paint.
oil field an area having large deposits of oil, esp. one with many wells.
oil of vitriol see sulfuric acid.
oil painting a painting executed in oil colors. [2 definitions]
oilpaper paper made transparent and water-resistant by soaking in oil.
oil shale shale containing hydrocarbons that yield petroleum.
oilskin a cloth treated with oil to make it waterproof. [2 definitions]
oil slick a film of oil floating on water.
oilstone a smooth, fine-grained, oiled whetstone, used for fine sharpening.
oil well a well from which petroleum is drawn or pumped.
oily of, concerning, or like oil. [3 definitions]
oink a sound representing the grunt of a pig. [2 definitions]
ointment any of various usu. semisolid preparations made to be rubbed into the skin for medicinal, cosmetic, or moistening purposes.
OJ (informal) abbreviation of "orange juice."
Ojibwa a member of a North American Indian tribe living in the United States and Canada around Lake Superior. [3 definitions]
OK1 (informal) acceptable; all right; satisfactory. [5 definitions]
OK2 abbreviation of "Oklahoma," a southwestern U.S. state north and east of Texas.
okapi a four-legged African animal, closely related to the giraffe but having a short neck.
okay a variant of OK.
Okie (often offensive) a migrant farm worker, esp. from Oklahoma.