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on her beam-ends of a ship, tipping so far to one side as to be nearly capsizing.
on hold waiting to complete a telephone call.
on ice (informal) in reserve.
onion a round, sharp-tasting bulb used extensively in cooking and as a flavoring. [2 definitions]
onionskin a translucent paper, often used for typing.
on (one's) last legs having very little remaining energy, strength, hope, or ability to function; liable to collapse or die.
online connected to or reached through a computer or computer network. [3 definitions]
onlooker someone who watches; observer; spectator.
only as the sole instance. [7 definitions]
on occasion now and then; irregularly.
onomastic of or relating to proper names.
onomastics (used with a sing. verb) the study of the origins, history, and forms of proper names. [2 definitions]
onomatopoeia the formation or use of words whose sounds suggest the meanings of the words, such as "bang," "moo," or "jingle".
Onondaga a member of a tribe of North American Indians inhabiting the area around Onondaga Lake in New York State and belonging to the Six Nations. [2 definitions]
on one's feet in a standing position. [3 definitions]
on one's mettle in a position to demonstrate inner reserves of good character or spirit.
on one's own alone or without anyone's help.
on one's toes (informal) alert and ready to respond or act.
on pain of subject to the penalty or punishment of.
on pins and needles highly excited, nervous, or anxious, esp. in anticipation of something; filled with suspense.
on principle according to one's principles.