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on principle according to one's principles.
on purpose deliberately; intentionally.
onrush a powerful flow or forward movement.
on sale available to buy at a lower price.
on-screen occurring in a motion picture or television program, or on a projection screen. [2 definitions]
on second thought after thinking it over; upon reconsideration.
onset the early stage; beginning. [2 definitions]
onshore to, toward, near, or on a coast or shore. [3 definitions]
on-site on or at the usual location of something.
onslaught a forceful, often sudden, offensive maneuver; attack.
on someone's coattails by association with someone else.
onstage on the performing area of a stage, or pertaining to things, actions, or the like on such an area. [2 definitions]
on tap ready to be served from a cask, as beer or ale. [2 definitions]
Ontario a south central Canadian province on the Great Lakes. [2 definitions]
on tenterhooks in a condition of anxiety, tension, or uneasy suspense.
on the air broadcast on radio or television.
on the average usually; ordinarily.
on the ball acting with efficiency and competence. [2 definitions]
on the blink not functioning; needing repair.
on the carpet being reprimanded or closely questioned by someone in authority, such as one's employer.
on the contrary in contradiction to something already said.