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on the contrary in contradiction to something already said.
on the dot (informal) exactly on time; punctually.
on the double (informal) right away; immediately.
on the downgrade losing rank, status, position, or wealth; declining.
on the house free, as a gift from a business establishment.
on the mend getting better, esp. in health; recuperating.
on the nose exactly.
on the off chance with the very slight likelihood; against the faint hope.
on the pad (slang) of a policeman, accepting a share of graft payments.
on the q.t. (informal) in stealth or secret; quietly.
on the qui vive on the lookout; alert; watchful.
on the rebound just after the bounce of a ball or the like. [2 definitions]
on the road traveling, esp. as a salesperson, performer, or theatrical company.
on the rocks in a state of financial ruin. [2 definitions]
on the shelf inactive or unused; put aside; reserved for future use or consideration.
on the sly secretly; stealthily.
on the spot at once; immediately. [2 definitions]
on the spur of the moment without much thought; on a sudden impulse.
on the upgrade improving, rising, or gaining importance.
on the uptake in understanding, realizing, or grasping.
on the wagon (informal) refraining from drinking alcohol.