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osmotic pressure the pressure created by a solvent in passing through a semipermeable membrane. (See osmosis.)
osprey a large, fish-catching hawk with a dark back and white underside; fish hawk.
ossa pl. of os1.
osseous of the substance of, containing, or similar to bone; bony.
Ossian in Gaelic legend, a hero and poet of the third century.
ossicle a small bone, esp. one of the three in the tympanic cavity of the ear.
ossify to make into or like bone. [4 definitions]
osso buco an Italian dish of veal shanks braised in white wine with vegetables and garlic.
osteal osseous; bony. [2 definitions]
osteitis inflammation of a bone or bony tissue.
ostensible apparent or stated, as opposed to real or true.
ostensive clearly or directly shown, expressed, or demonstrated. [2 definitions]
ostentation a showy display to impress others.
ostentatious done or designed with the intention of impressing others and consequently overly showy or grandiose; pretentious.
osteo- bone.
osteoarthritis the most common form of arthritis, resulting from wear and tear on joints and usually occurring after middle age.
osteoblast a cell that develops into bone, as during healing.
osteology the study of the skeletal system.
osteoma a nonmalignant tumor of bony tissue.
osteomalacia softening of the bones caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, occurring esp. in pregnant women.
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone or bone marrow, usu. caused by a pus-producing bacterium.