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outdistance to leave far behind, as in a race; outrun.
outdo to do more or better than; surpass or exceed.
outdone past participle of outdo.
outdoor characteristic of or happening in the open air.
outdoors in the open air; outside. [2 definitions]
outdoorsman a man devoted to outdoor activities, esp. fishing, hiking, hunting, and the like.
outdoorswoman a woman devoted to outdoor activities, esp. horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and the like.
outdrag combined form of drag.
outdress combined form of dress.
outdrink combined form of drink.
outdrive combined form of drive.
outduel combined form of duel.
outearn combined form of earn.
outeat combined form of eat.
outer of or pertaining to that part farthest from the center.
outercoat a coat worn outdoors or over other clothing; overcoat.
outer ear the part of the ear that is visible outside of the head and which includes the auricle and the canal leading to the eardrum.
outermost farthest from the center or interior.
outer space space beyond the defined boundaries of a celestial body, esp. the earth.
outerwear garments such as coats or jackets that are worn over other clothes, or clothing worn outdoors.
outface to overcome (another) by means of a bold or defiant look. [2 definitions]