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outroar combined form of roar.
outrun to run faster, farther, or longer than. [3 definitions]
outsail combined form of sail.
outscheme combined form of scheme.
outscoop combined form of scoop.
outscore combined form of score.
outsell to sell more than (another).
outset the first stage; beginning.
outshine to be brighter or more brilliant than. [2 definitions]
outshoot to shoot better or farther than. [3 definitions]
outshout combined form of shout.
outside the outer side or surface. [10 definitions]
outside of with the exception of.
outsider someone or something not inside a boundary, limit, or the like. [3 definitions]
outsing combined form of sing.
outsit to sit longer than (someone or something); outwait. [2 definitions]
outsize of a garment, an uncommon size, esp. an extraordinarily large size. [2 definitions]
outskirts the edges or outlying areas of a city.
outsmart to gain the advantage of by cleverness; outwit.
outsmart oneself to cause (one's plans) to backfire by excessive or misdirected cleverness.
outsoar combined form of soar.