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oversensitiveness combined form of sensitiveness.
oversensitivity combined form of sensitivity.
overserious combined form of serious.
overseriously combined form of seriously.
oversexed having a much greater or more frequent than normal sexual desire.
overshadow to diminish in comparison. [2 definitions]
overshoe footwear intended to be worn over other shoes in order to protect them from water or snow.
overshoot to go over, beyond, or above (a specific goal, target, or the like); miss or overreach. [2 definitions]
overshot having the upper part extending over and beyond the lower, as a jaw. [3 definitions]
oversight a lapse in attention to what one is doing. [3 definitions]
oversimplify to simplify to the point of error or distortion.
oversimplistic combined form of simplistic.
oversize noticeably larger than usual.
overskirt a skirt worn over another, often longer skirt.
oversleep to sleep beyond the intended or habitual time of waking. [2 definitions]
overslept past tense and past participle of oversleep.
oversolicitous combined form of solicitous.
oversophisticated combined form of sophisticated.
oversoul in transcendental philosophy, the supposed spiritual essence or vital force that animates and motivates all living things.
overspecialize combined form of specialize.
overspeculate combined form of speculate.