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overstretch combined form of stretch.
overstructured combined form of structured.
overstuff to fill or pack (something) too full. [2 definitions]
overstuffed packed too full. [2 definitions]
oversubscribe to subscribe for more of (something) than can be supplied.
oversubtle combined form of subtle.
oversuds combined form of suds.
oversupply a supply in excess of need or demand. [2 definitions]
oversuspicious combined form of suspicious.
oversweet combined form of sweet.
oversweeten combined form of sweeten.
oversweetness combined form of sweetness.
overswing combined form of swing.
overt openly apparent; not concealed. (Cf. covert.)
overtake to catch up or come even with. [3 definitions]
overtaken past participle of overtake.
overtalk combined form of talk.
overtalkative combined form of talkative.
overtax to tax too highly. [2 definitions]
overtaxation combined form of taxation.
over-the-counter of drugs or medication, legally available for purchase without a prescription. [2 definitions]