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over the transom designating a manuscript or other material that is submitted to a publisher without having been solicited.
overthin combined form of thin.
overthink combined form of think.
overthrew past tense of overthrow.
overthrow to oust (a person or persons) from power, esp. by force. [7 definitions]
overthrown past participle of overthrow.
overtighten combined form of tighten.
overtime time worked beyond a given upper limit for a day or week. [4 definitions]
overtired combined form of tired.
overtone in music, any of several higher frequencies associated with a given tone; harmonic. [2 definitions]
overtook past tense of overtake.
overtop to be or go above the top of. [2 definitions]
overtrain combined form of train.
overtreat combined form of treat.
overtreatment combined form of treatment.
overture an opening gesture, as for initiating a relationship or other interaction. [4 definitions]
overturn to cause to tip over; upset. [4 definitions]
overuse to use too often or too much. [2 definitions]
overutilization combined form of utilization.
overutilize combined form of utilize.
overvalue to overestimate the price, importance, or worth of (something or someone).