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pantheism the religious or philosophical doctrine that God is in all things and all things are part of God.
pantheon a temple dedicated to all of a people's gods. [4 definitions]
panther a leopard, esp. a black one with no spots. [2 definitions]
panties brief underpants for women or children.
pantile a curved roofing tile laid so the down curve of one tile overlaps with the up curve of the one beside it.
panto- all.
pantograph a jointed mechanical device in the shape of a parallelogram with styluses that enables one to create copies of drawings, diagrams, maps, and the like to any desired scale.
pantomime a type of theatrical performance in which stories, meanings, or emotions are expressed by gestures, movements, and facial expressions, usu. without speech; mime. [5 definitions]
pantothenic acid an organic acid considered to be part of the vitamin B complex, present in most animal and plant tissues and vital for cell growth.
pantry a small room, usu. adjoining a kitchen, where kitchen and table supplies and food are kept. [2 definitions]
pants an outer garment that covers the area below the waist, reaching any of various lengths down to the feet, and covering each leg separately; trousers. [2 definitions]
pants suit variant of pantsuit.
pantsuit a woman's suit jacket with matching pants.
panty see panties.
panty girdle a girdle with a crotch and legs that can vary in length from very short to mid-thigh to knee-length.
pantyhose a close-fitting, see-through, stretchable garment worm by women that covers the feet, legs, and lower torso.
pantywaist (informal) a weak, cowardly, or unmasculine man or boy.
panzer an armored vehicle, esp. a tank used by the Germans in World War II. [2 definitions]
pap soft, semiliquid, or bland food, as for infants. [2 definitions]
papa (informal) father; dad.
papacy the office or authority of the pope. [3 definitions]