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panjandrum a pompous or pretentious official.
pannier a large basket, often carried on a person's back, or as one of a pair carried by a pack animal.
panocha a coarse sugar made in Mexico. [2 definitions]
panoply an impressive covering or array of things. [2 definitions]
panorama a full, wide view of an extensive area. [3 definitions]
panoramic allowing or presenting a wide unbroken view of landscape and the like.
panpipe a primitive musical instrument made of a series of reeds or pipes of graduated lengths bound together, that is played by blowing across the open uppermost ends.
pansophism a claim or pretension to universal wisdom or knowledge.
pansy a garden plant, related to the violet, that has flat, rounded, velvety flowers of various intense colors, or the flower of this plant. [2 definitions]
pant to breathe in rapid short gasps, as after hard exercise. [5 definitions]
Pantagruel in the sixteenth-century French satire Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais, a giant, good-natured, drunken jokester.
pantalets long women's drawers with ruffles along the lower edge of each leg.
pantaloons men's tightfitting trousers secured by straps under the insteps, worn esp. in the nineteenth century.
pantheism the religious or philosophical doctrine that God is in all things and all things are part of God.
pantheon a temple dedicated to all of a people's gods. [4 definitions]
panther a leopard, esp. a black one with no spots. [2 definitions]
panties brief underpants for women or children.
pantile a curved roofing tile laid so the down curve of one tile overlaps with the up curve of the one beside it.
panto- all.
pantograph a jointed mechanical device in the shape of a parallelogram with styluses that enables one to create copies of drawings, diagrams, maps, and the like to any desired scale.
pantomime a type of theatrical performance in which stories, meanings, or emotions are expressed by gestures, movements, and facial expressions, usu. without speech; mime. [5 definitions]