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panzer an armored vehicle, esp. a tank used by the Germans in World War II. [2 definitions]
pap soft, semiliquid, or bland food, as for infants. [2 definitions]
papa (informal) father; dad.
papacy the office or authority of the pope. [3 definitions]
papain an enzyme that digests protein, obtained from the juice of unripe papayas, and used for tenderizing meat and aiding digestion.
papal of, concerning, or issued by the pope, the Roman Catholic Church, or its government.
paparazzo a reporter or photographer, often free-lance, who aggressively seeks out celebrities in order to photograph them or write sensational articles about them for the popular media.
papaw a tree of central and southern North America that bears purple flowers and small fleshy edible fruit. [2 definitions]
papaya the oblong yellow fruit of a palmlike tropical American tree, or the tree itself.
paper a thin substance made from any of a variety of fibrous materials, used for writing, wrapping, decorating walls, and the like. [12 definitions]
paperback a book having a flexible paper cover. [2 definitions]
paper birch a North American birch with tough white paperlike bark that curls and peels easily from the tree.
paperboard a material made of paper pulp or layers of paper compressed into sheets; cardboard; pasteboard.
paperbound of a book, bound in paper; not hardcover; paperback.
paperboy a boy who delivers newspapers, usu. along a specified route.
paper clip a flexible wire or plastic clasp bent into loops, that holds papers together.
paper cutter a power-driven machine or hand-operated device used to cut or trim a quantity of paper.
paperer one who covers walls with paper; paperhanger.
papergirl a girl who delivers newspapers, usu. along a specified route.
paperhanger one who applies wallpaper to walls, esp. as an occupation. [2 definitions]
paper knife a knife with a long dull blade that is used to open mail or separate the uncut pages of a book.