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parapsychology the scientific study of mental phenomena, such as telepathy or clairvoyance, that have no current scientific explanation.
Para rubber crude rubber obtained from any of several tropical spurge trees of South America.
parasite an animal or plant that lives on or in another organism and draws sustenance from it. [2 definitions]
parasitic of, concerning, or caused by a parasite.
parasitism the method of existence or survival of a parasite. [2 definitions]
parasitize to live as a parasite on.
parasitology the scientific study of parasites and parasitism.
parasitosis a disease caused by any sort of parasites.
parasol a light umbrella used esp. by women as protection against the sun.
parasympathetic relating to those parts of the autonomic nervous system, found in the middle and back parts of the brain and the lower spinal cord, that oppose the work of the sympathetic system, as in dilating the pupils or slowing the heart beat.
parataxis the putting together of sentences, clauses, or phrases with no conjunctive words, as in, "Come in, it's getting cold".
parathion a highly poisonous liquid used as an insecticide.
parathyroid positioned near the thyroid gland. [2 definitions]
paratroop of or concerning soldiers trained to enter combat areas by parachuting from airplanes. [2 definitions]
paratrooper a soldier trained to enter combat areas by parachuting from an airplane.
paratyphoid an intestinal disease that resembles, but is less severe than, typhoid. [3 definitions]
par avion (French) by airplane; by air mail.
parboil to cook partially by immersing in boiling water for a brief time.
parbuckle a rope sling used to raise or lower an object vertically, formed by doubling the rope, wrapping it around the object, and slipping its two ends through the loop thus formed. [3 definitions]
parcel a thing or group of things wrapped or packed together for carrying or shipping; package. [4 definitions]
parcel post the branch of the postal service that handles parcels and packages. [2 definitions]