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Parker House roll a roll shaped by folding over a round, flattened piece of dough.
parking space or an area where cars can be left temporarily.
parking lot a usu. paved area where motor vehicles can be parked.
parking meter a coin-operated device set next to a parking space, that registers the amount of time allowed for parking in that space.
Parkinson's disease a degenerative disease of the nervous system characterized by muscular rigidity and tremors, esp. in the hands and face.
parkland a usu. wooded area designated as or suitable for a public park.
parkway a divided road or highway, often with landscaped areas at the sides or on the center strip. [2 definitions]
parlance manner of speaking or writing, esp. word choice; vernacular.
parlando to be sung or played in a style that suggests speech (used as a musical direction).
parlay to bet (the winnings from a previous bet) on a race or other chance. [3 definitions]
parley a discussion, esp. between opponents or enemies, as to establish terms of truce. [3 definitions]
parliament a national lawmaking body composed of representatives. [3 definitions]
parliamentarian one who is an authority on parliamentary rules and procedures, esp. one serving as such in an organization.
parliamentary of, concerning, or having a parliament. [3 definitions]
parlor a room in a house, hotel, restaurant, or the like for conversation or entertaining guests. [2 definitions]
parlormaid a maid who serves at table, answers the door, waits on guests, and the like.
parlous full of dangers or risks; perilous.
Parmesan a hard dry cheese made from skim milk and usu. grated to garnish other foods such as pasta.
parmigiana cooked with Parmesan cheese.
Parnassian of or pertaining to the art of poetry.
Parnassus Mount Parnassus, a mountain in central Greece that in classical times was associated with Apollo and the Muses. [3 definitions]