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patrimony an estate inherited, usu. from one's father. [2 definitions]
patriot one who loves, supports, and defends his or her nation and its interests.
patriotic feeling, showing, or caused by one's love for and loyalty to one's nation.
patriotism love for, and devotion and loyalty to, one's nation.
patristic of or concerning the early Christian church fathers and their writings.
patrol to move regularly and repeatedly along or through (a route, building, or area) for the purpose of maintaining security and order. [3 definitions]
patrol car a police car.
patrolman a male police officer or guard assigned to patrol a particular route or area.
patrol wagon a truck or van used by the police to transport prisoners.
patrolwoman a female police officer or guard assigned to patrol a particular route or area.
patron a person who buys the goods or services of a business establishment, esp. a regular customer or client of a shop, hotel, restaurant, or the like. [2 definitions]
patronage the financial or other support given to a business establishment by its customers or clients. [3 definitions]
patronize to be a customer or client of, esp. on a regular basis. [3 definitions]
patronizing showing or suggesting an offensively superior or condescending manner.
patron saint a saint regarded as the special guardian of a certain occupation, country, group of people, or the like.
patronymic a name derived from the name of a male forebear.
patroon under the original Dutch governments of New York and New Jersey, one who was given the proprietorship of a large tract of land, along with certain privileges of use.
pat (someone) on the back (informal) to encourage, praise, or congratulate by words or actions.
patsy (slang) one who is easily victimized or manipulated.
patten any of various thick-soled wooden shoes formerly used for walking in mud.
patter1 to make a series of quick, light, tapping sounds. [4 definitions]