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pauperize to make extremely poor; impoverish.
pause a temporary stop. [4 definitions]
pave to cover (a road or other way or area) with concrete, asphalt, stones, or the like in order to make a hard flat surface.
pavement a paved surface, esp. a sidewalk or public road. [2 definitions]
pave the way for to prepare for; make a ready or easy way for.
pavilion a light, often open-sided building used for shelter or recreation, as in a park. [4 definitions]
paving pavement. [2 definitions]
paw the foot of a four-legged animal, esp. one with claws. [6 definitions]
pawl a pivoting lever or tongue, or a sliding bolt, that is made to catch in the notches of a ratchet wheel to prevent backward motion or assist forward motion.
pawn1 to deposit (something) with a pawnbroker as security for a loan. [6 definitions]
pawn2 one of the eight chess pieces of lowest value, placed in the front rank at the beginning of a game. [2 definitions]
pawnbroker a person whose business is making loans at interest, secured by personal property left with him or her.
Pawnee a member of a confederation of North American Plains Indians, originally living in Kansas and Nebraska and now in northern Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
pawnshop a pawnbroker's shop or place of business.
pawn ticket a receipt given for goods taken to a pawnshop.
pawpaw variant of papaw.
Pax in Roman mythology, the goddess of peace; Irene.
pax vobiscum (Latin) peace be with you.
pay to give over money to (a person or business) in exchange for goods or services. [16 definitions]
payable due to be paid, as a debt. [2 definitions]
pay attention to direct your mind to something.