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PCB any of a family of highly toxic chlorinated isomers of biphenyl, formerly used in manufacturing and as an electrical insulator; polychlorinated biphenyl.
P-Celtic a branch of the Celtic languages that includes Welsh, Cornish, and Breton, in which a "p" sound replaced the Proto-Indo-European "kw" sound.
PCP a powerful and dangerous drug originally intended as an animal tranquilizer but sometimes ingested by humans for its psychedelic and mood-altering effects; phenylcyclohexylpiperidine, or phencyclidine pill.
pct. abbreviation of "percent" or "percentage."
PCV abbreviation of "positive crankcase ventilation," the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders as part of a pollution control system.
PCV valve a one-way valve that regulates the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders, as part of a pollution control system.
Pd symbol of the chemical element palladium.
P.D. abbreviation of "police department."
pd. abbreviation of "paid."
PDF abbreviation of "portable document format," a file format (invented by Adobe Systems, Inc.) that represents documents created in a variety of word processing and desktop publishing programs as they were intended to appear, independently of the platform or hardware with which they are created or read.
PDQ (informal) abbreviation of "pretty damn quick."
PDT abbreviation of "Pacific Daylight Time."
P/E abbreviation of "price-earnings." (See "price-earnings ratio.")
P.E. an abbreviation of "physical education."
pe the name of the seventeenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
pea a small, round, green seed borne in pods on a climbing plant of the legume family, and used as a vegetable. [3 definitions]
peace a state of freedom from war or hostility. [6 definitions]
peaceable disposed to maintaining harmony or tranquillity.
peacebuilding actions that promote peace between nations by supporting conditions that underlie peaceful social relations. Peacebuilding includes rebuilding the material and social institutions that are undermined or destroyed by violent conflict. Peacebuilding efforts offer non-violent alternatives for communication and conflict resolution.
peace conference a meeting held to seek an end to a war or to find a way to a lasting peace.
Peace Corps a U.S. agency that sends volunteers into developing countries to assist in education, health, agriculture, and the like.