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payment the act or an instance of paying. [3 definitions]
payoff the full payment of a debt, salary, wager, or the like. [3 definitions]
pay off to finish payments on (a debt). [2 definitions]
pay off a score to retaliate in response to a grievance or hurt.
pay phone a usu. coin-operated public telephone.
payroll a list of those who are to be paid by an employer and the sum owed to each. [3 definitions]
pay the piper to suffer the unpleasant consequences of former pleasure or irresponsibility. [2 definitions]
pazazz variant of pizazz.
Pb symbol of the chemical element lead.
PBS abbreviation of "Public Broadcasting Service."
PBX abbreviation of "private branch exchange."
PC abbreviation of "personal computer," a compact computer designed for individual use; microcomputer.
pc. abbreviation of "piece."
PCB any of a family of highly toxic chlorinated isomers of biphenyl, formerly used in manufacturing and as an electrical insulator; polychlorinated biphenyl.
P-Celtic a branch of the Celtic languages that includes Welsh, Cornish, and Breton, in which a "p" sound replaced the Proto-Indo-European "kw" sound.
PCP a powerful and dangerous drug originally intended as an animal tranquilizer but sometimes ingested by humans for its psychedelic and mood-altering effects; phenylcyclohexylpiperidine, or phencyclidine pill.
pct. abbreviation of "percent" or "percentage."
PCV abbreviation of "positive crankcase ventilation," the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders as part of a pollution control system.
PCV valve a one-way valve that regulates the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders, as part of a pollution control system.
Pd symbol of the chemical element palladium.
P.D. abbreviation of "police department."