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pea green a light yellowish green color.
peahen a female peafowl.
pea jacket a short double-breasted coat made of thick navy blue wool, originally worn by sailors.
peak the top part of a mountain that tapers to a point, or such a mountain itself. [7 definitions]
peaked1 having a peak or peaks; pointed.
peaked2 having a pale, sickly appearance.
peal a loud ringing of bells, esp. bells of different tones. [5 definitions]
peanut a pod, or one of the oily, nutlike, edible seeds it encloses, of a plant of the legume family that matures its seed pods underground. [2 definitions]
peanut butter a paste made by grinding roasted peanuts, used as a spread in sandwiches or the like or in cooking.
pear a rounded, white-fleshed, edible fruit that narrows at the stem end. [2 definitions]
pearl a smooth, hard, glossy deposit, valued as a gem, that is formed inside the shells of oysters and some other mollusks to cover an irritant object such as a grain of sand. [8 definitions]
pearl ash a white powdery substance used to manufacture soap, glass, and the like; potassium carbonate.
pearlescent having a soft lustrous iridescence.
pearl gray a pale bluish gray color.
pearly like a pearl, esp. in whiteness or luster. [2 definitions]
peasant a member of the class of farm laborers and small farmers, esp. in Europe. [2 definitions]
peasantry peasants collectively.
peashooter a slender tube used as a toy weapon, through which dried peas, beans, or other pellets can be blown.
pea soup a thick soup made from dried split peas. [2 definitions]
peat soil, usu. from a marshy area, that is rich in partly decayed organic matter and can be used as fuel or fertilizer.
peat moss any of various mosses that grow in wet areas and that may be dried and burned as fuel.