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peeved irritated; annoyed.
peevish irritable or easily annoyed; ill-tempered.
peewee (informal) one that is much smaller than the average. [2 definitions]
peg a small, cylindrical or tapered piece, often made of wood, used to hold things together or in place, fill a hole, or act as a marker. [5 definitions]
Pegasus in Greek mythology, a winged horse that was created from the blood of Medusa when she was killed. [2 definitions]
Peg-Board trademark for a board with holes into which pegs or hooks are placed, used to hang tools or the like for storage or display.
peg leg (informal) a wooden leg. [2 definitions]
pegmatite a coarse, grainy granite that occurs in layers and sometimes contains rare metals such as uranium.
peg-top trousers that are wide at the hip and narrow at the ankles.
peg top a child's top that spins on a metal tip or point.
peignoir a woman's dressing gown.
pejoration a lessening or worsening in worth, quality, or the like; depreciation. [2 definitions]
pejorative acting or tending to create a negative impression; disparaging; demeaning. [2 definitions]
Peking see "Beijing."
Pekingese of or pertaining to Beijing, China, or its people, culture, language, or the like. [4 definitions]
Peking man a type of early human whose fossil remains were found near Beijing, China.
pekoe a superior grade of black tea made from young leaves.
Pelagian of or concerning a doctrine, condemned as heresy by the Roman Catholic Church in 416 A.D., that denies original sin and asserts one's ability to achieve salvation through virtuous acts of free will.
pelagic of, concerning, or living on the open sea, far from land, esp. on or near the surface.
pelargonium a plant of the geranium family having circular, sometimes aromatic leaves, and bearing variously colored flowers.
pelf money or wealth, usu. regarded with disapproval or contempt.