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pelvis in many vertebrates, the basinlike structure formed by the hipbones and other bones that form a ring near the base of the spinal column. [2 definitions]
pemmican a North American Indian dried food made of pounded shreds of meat, melted fat, and often berries, formed into a cake.
pen1 any of various instruments used for writing or drawing in ink. [4 definitions]
pen2 a small, usu. fenced enclosure for animals. [3 definitions]
pen. abbreviation of "peninsula," an area of land surrounded on nearly all sides by water, and connected to a mainland by a usu. narrow strip of land.
penal of, concerning, or giving out punishment, esp. according to law. [2 definitions]
penal code the body of laws of a country that relates to various crimes and offenses and their penalties.
penalize to inflict a penalty on (a person or group). [3 definitions]
penalty a punishment inflicted or incurred for breaking a law or rule or for violating an agreement. [4 definitions]
penalty box an enclosure to the side of a hockey rink where penalized players must stay.
penalty kick in soccer, a free kick from a point 12 feet in front of the goal and with only the goalie defending, awarded to one team to penalize a violation by the other team. [2 definitions]
penalty shot in ice hockey, a free shot at the goal taken by a player from the four meter line after skating in from the center spot, usu. awarded when the opposing team has illegally prevented a goal.
penance an act of punishment or self-discipline voluntarily undergone to show regret at having done something wrong. [2 definitions]
penates in the religion of ancient Rome, gods or spirits, as of ancestors, that watched over a household.
pence plural form of "penny" used when referring to an amount of British currency rather than number of penny coins. One hundred pence is equal to one pound.
penchant a strong liking for or inclination towards something.
pencil an implement for writing, drawing, or marking that consists of a slender core of graphite, carbon, crayon, or the like, usu. enclosed in or held by a cylinder of wood, plastic, or metal. [4 definitions]
pencil pusher (informal) one who does routine office work involving writing, record-keeping, and the like.
pencil sharpener a small device used for making pencils sharp. A pencil sharpener has a hole in one area where a pencil is to be inserted and where it comes into contact with a blade.
pend to await judgment or decision. [2 definitions]
pendant something hanging as an ornament, esp. on a chain around the neck or on an earring. [3 definitions]