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penetration the act, process, or power of penetrating. [3 definitions]
penguin any of various large, flightless, aquatic birds of the colder regions of the Southern Hemisphere that have webbed feet and short flipperlike wings.
penholder a holder into which a pen point fits. [2 definitions]
penicillin any of several antibiotics derived naturally or synthetically from molds and used to treat various bacterial diseases and infections.
penicillium any of various blue-green molds found on stale bread, decaying fruit, and the like that are used in the making of cheese and the production of penicillin.
peninsula an area of land surrounded on nearly all sides by water, and connected to a mainland by a usu. narrow strip of land.
penis the male genital organ used for copulation and urination.
penitence the feeling or condition of being penitent; regret for one's wrongdoing.
penitent feeling or showing sorrow or regret for having done wrong. [3 definitions]
penitential of, pertaining to, or expressing penitence. [3 definitions]
penitentiary a prison, esp. one operating under federal or state authority. [4 definitions]
penknife a small folding knife.
penlight a small flashlight similar in size and shape to a fountain pen.
penman someone who is expert at penmanship. [3 definitions]
penmanship the art, skill, or manner of handwriting.
pen name a name used by an author in place of his or her real name; pseudonym; nom de plume.
pennant a long, tapering, usu. triangular or forked flag used on ships for signaling or for identification. [3 definitions]
penne pasta in the form of short, diagonally cut tubes.
penni formerly, the smaller monetary unit of Finland. (Cf. markka.)
penniless having no money at all; very poor.
pennon formerly, a long, tapered streamer or banner attached to a lance as a flag. [2 definitions]